The Reluctant Vegetarian

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Although, this made big news a while ago, I don’t think that many people know that they can become allergic to red meat from the bite of a Lone Star tick. I imagine that this would not only be traumatizing for meat eaters (researchers don’t know whether this is temporary or permanent), but it’s also life threatening in many cases. There’s no difference between managing a severe reaction to this relatively new human allergy and any other allergy that might call for immediate medical attention. The interesting fact is that this tick’s little footprint is spreading throughout the U.S., which means that we may see higher incidences of red meat allergies. Perhaps, this is just the freaky natural order of things, but whatever the case, it does present a great opportunity for food technology companies like Impossible Foods, whose plant enzyme-based meat product is indistinguishable from animal protein. Are insect-borne diseases the radical change makers that many eco-protectionists have been waiting for? Is the mysterious Lone Star Tick’s red meat inducing allergy our new Zika virus? It will be interesting to see if we experience a dramatic paradigm shift in human values and behavior within our lifetimes due to evolution or some other global and unforeseen natural phenomena.